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The Next Picture Show in Dixon, Illinois

2018    "Currents” Exhibition a review of Les Allen's photograph entitled, “Alchemy”

“What I love about gelatin silver prints is that they remind me of the 1940's and 50's golden age of Hollywood glamour photography such as the work of Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Cecil Beaton and others. Joan Crawford might have been secretly moonlighting as an alchemist trying to create the elixir of youth!  When I think of Les' photograph in relation to the show's conceptional theme,  “Currents”, I think of continuous change and an oscillating energy straining to harness and exact its force to produce the elusive element, “gold” from what appears to be a chunk of worthless iron.
Electricity is the artist's creative spark that tries to exert control over what is elusive. In this piece the composition, the layering of space and his command of the print quality is superb." Judge Amy Dossett, July 5th,2018

2015 Regional Survey of Art  No.11.  A review  of Les Allen’s photograph entitled, “Art Glass with Clematis Dancing”

“Les controls and environment that moves your eye from foreground to background with his use of object as shadow and shadow as object. His whimsical objects tell a story of time, space and light.”

2013     Regional Survey of Art No. 9 A review of Les Allen's photograph entitled, “Condyle Corbels with Curious Objects” 

“Surrealism is alive and expertly photographed. This for me gives my imagination room to play and have these objects become creature and landscape moving in a very dreamlike and truly surreal environs.” Judge, Barry Treu, January 9th 2015

2018  Shades of Gray Black & White Photography Exhibition.
A review of Les Allen's photograph entitled, "Examination of Flora"

"The surgical clamps meticulously affixed to the stalk and root of these plants, coupled with the tender suspension by string makes for thought-provoking subject matter-the gentle,
yet very deliberate light coming from the left kept my eyes searching this piece. Technique is utterly incredible-I could feel the cool smoothness of the clamps and the fibrous snarled of the roots as I stood investigating this photograph."

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