Glenn Bodish

Professor and Chair of the Art Department  at Sauk Valley Community College, Dixon Illinois

2017     A review of Les Allen’s Solo Exhibition held at the Sauk Valley Art Gallery at Sauk Valley Community College, Dixon Illinois.

“Les Allen’s silver emulsion photographic prints will be on exhibit at the Sauk Art Gallery starting January 30th. Les is a visionary photographer and master in the darkroom. Les’ still life photographs are meticulously composed vignettes that harmoniously blend the dynamic synergy of nature and elegant shapes of manufactured objects. The images that Les creates offer a view into the personal narratives of it’s maker while taking the viewer on a journey of phantasmagoric proportions. Using large format camera’s refined lighting technique and a little darkroom magic, his frozen moments of time are a protean world in which we dialogue with its creator while engaging our own imagination.”

2017    A review of Les Allen’s photograph entitled, “Sea Oats and Opalescent Cone Shell”, exhibited in the 2017 “Shades of Gray”, Juried Exhibition and Competition at the Next Picture Show, in Dixon Illinois.  Review written by Glenn Bodish

​“This photograph demonstrated highly refined photographic techniques and artistic intention.  The quality of the print is superior because of its range of values.  The whites maintain texture in their brightness while each subtle tone/value is distinguishable against a rich black background. I really enjoy looking at the translucent quality of the sea oats.  Their leaves and branches appear to be emitting light and the print is reminiscent of a solarized photogram that maintains both the equality of a positive and negative image.  The composition and subject matter in the still life are simply eloquent. Beautifully curving lines, moving organic shapes and a symmetrically balanced composition emphasize the importance and intention of the artist’s process in composing, lighting and presenting this work of art.”
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