​​​​​​​​​My still-life photographs are produced entirely in my studio using the large format film camera, and are printed on traditional silver gelatin paper in the wet darkroom.  I also do all of my own post printing processes, including mounting, spotting, matting and framing for exhibition.

My current work stems from the melding of many interests, including the structure of found objects and the surface patina caused by the effects of weather, age or use. I am drawn to nature's detritus and other natural relics found in the environment, including botanical specimens.
Medical instruments and other paraphernalia, suggesting scientific inquiry or faux scientific experimentation, have also been used in some of my pieces.  In other still life constructions, I have included vintage dolls or other toys to introduce a feeling of a human presence –perhaps to connect with the whimsy of my inner child or to explore fears and vulnerabilities.

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