About the Artist

Fast forward to 1981 – The Art Institute of Chicago had just opened its new photography facility
and gallery. I attended one of the first exhibitions––a survey of important 20th Century
photographers, which included work by Josef Sudek, Edward Weston, and others. That
collection of incredibly sharp images was more luminous than anything I had ever seen. I finally
found my high watermark and it lit in me a desire to pursue fine art photography. The experience was like that of a child peering through a magnifying glass for the first time—the cavernous epiphany in that moment of discovery—I needed to create images like those.

​I put the 35mm Nikon F on the shelf, and began working with the view camera. The first one I
used was a late 1940s' 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 Kodak Crown Graphic Press camera that had been my
father’s when he was conducting medical research during, and just after World War II. I attended numerous workshops and studied with many prominent West Coast photographers including Al Weber, Huntington Witherill, and Per Volquartz, among many others. Now retired, I am using this time to pursue my lifelong passion for traditional fine art black and white photography–striving to prefect this method to tell vivid stories in my still life photographs.​

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA in painting and drawing, 1973, MFA
photography and filmmaking, 1975

Teacher, Young Artists Studio, Art Institute of Chicago

Adjunct Professor: Governor’s State University, among others

Art & Photography Teacher: Chicago Suburbs 1973—2007

Award Recipient, The Kohl Foundation International Award for Exemplary Teaching, 1986

Author, “A Tribute Per Volquartz 1947-2011” View Camera Magazine, July/August 2011